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People Soft

Shortened product life cycles, increased competition, heightened expectations and rapidly changing global market have forced organizations to move from physical logistic management towards more advanced supply chain management and critically evaluate the performance of their supply chain. SCM solutions don't just simplify the buy-sell process, they cut waste out of by letting trading partners share demand forecasts, production schedules, and inventory data. Premier leverages extensive knowledge of SCM processes. With our strength in Internet technologies to deliver supply-chain systems that are tailored to meet the needs of business partners and our rich experience in SCM combined with in-depth understanding of associated technologies, we can assist you streamline and optimize your processes including purchasing, in and out-bound logistics, warehouse management and demand management. Our SCM solution, consulting and implementation services allows you to assess, bench-mark, optimize and sustain processes across every aspect of your supply chain starting from procurement to order delivery. Resulting in increased delivery performance improvements, inventory reduction, shortening of fulfillment cycle time, accurate forecasting, capacity utilization & productivity gains and finally reduced supply chain costs. Additionally, in recent years it has become clear that many companies have reduced their manufacturing costs as much as it is practically possible. Therefore, in many cases, the only possible way to further reduce costs and lead times is with effective supply chain management. In addition to cost reduction, the supply chain management approach also facilitates customer service improvements. It enables the management of inventories, transportation systems and whole distribution networks so that organizations are able meet or even exceed their customers' expectations.

We assess and analyze your current supply chain processes vis-à-vis competition and industry best practices to arrive at an SCM plan specific to your organization. We Perform Demand Planning, Supply Chain Master Planning, and Demand Fulfillment enabling you to achieve global visibility of inventory. This also includes Modeling of Supply Chain Planning solution and integration with ERP or inventory management systems. We configure supply chain processes within your and your suppliers' organizations, on the basis of the SCM plan. Web enabling and integrating Warehouse management solutions. Transportation Planning and Scheduling solutions, Development of shipment and transportation package, web enabling of existing shipment solution, and integration of Shipment solutions for better visibility and more efficient management of distribution side inventory. Integration of Supply Chain Planning solution with procurement solution, development of web based collaborative procurement solution, facilitating Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR).

Premier assists enterprises in developing a supply chain vision, assessing the potential for business performance improvement, mapping a program for supply chain excellence, and defining performance measurement metrics through strategic IT initiatives.

With Premier, you will be able to plan, reduces operational costs, increases competitive performance through seamless collaboration with business partners, implement, optimize, and control your supply chains better than ever before. In the end, without comprehensive and flexible modeling and analyzing software, the management of the dynamic and complex supply chain environment would be more than glad they had The Premier Team do the job. Your integrated systems will offer better visibility of the supply chain pipeline with, Real-time collaboration with manufacturing, shipping, and distribution partners around the globe. Seamless integration of procurement and delivery processes, Better assessment of demand, Accelerated logistics and reduced cycle times.



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