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Managed Service


Premier has the flexibility and specialist knowledge to support customers in a broad range of networking environments. We provide essential core skills which customers do not always have available using their own resources and help solve complex technical problems that may be beyond the scope of in-house staff.

Premier handles the design and implementation of voice and data networks. We are equally at home with the rapid deployment of secure networks over multiple locations, migrating legacy systems and delivering solutions in challenging environments. We support customers through the entire network lifecycle - from planning and design through implementation and operational support. Our team provides pragmatic, independent advice and has a wide range of core skills.

Premier has the expertise to install and support solutions in areas where organizations will not want to retain high level specialists. We augment existing skills to assist in the delivery of projects as diverse as online banking, mobile infrastructure, multilayer switching and routing, storage, converged networking and core Internet architecture.

Key business functions and processes are increasingly reliant on efficient IT infrastructures. However, the incidence of security breaches is rising with organizations. Information security is not just an IT issue, but has become a critical business function affecting the long-term security of an organization. Organizations must militate against system failure, data loss and software theft. Our Security solution is a worldwide security standard that provides a common framework to enable organizations to develop, implement and measure effective security management practice. It offers essential protection and controls for business or mission critical network infrastructures and guarantees the security procedures of organizations with access to corporate IT networks.
We are one of just a handful of service delivery companies to have actively putting into practice the delivery of world-class security solutions. It is a demonstration of our operational strength and integrity.

Our portfolio of managed services delivers a comprehensive range of specialized support solutions, all of which meet this exacting security standard. Network management can be outsourced in part or as a whole and our support services include 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnosis, maintenance, configuration and asset management, technical advice, professional services and project management. Robust Managed Services complement your skills and resources as you cope with change. It is a fine balancing act to ensure the resources you need - both human and technical - are in the right place at the right time. Our Managed Services ? support you strategically to bring more control and predictability into the equation.

Premier's service cover the management of quality in the provision of IT and network infrastructure support services incorporating network maintenance, helpdesk support services, monitoring, analysis, diagnosis and configuration management services. Our service is based on core quality management principles including: ongoing customer focus, systems approach to management, involvement of people, factual approach to decision making, leadership, process approach, continual improvement and mutually beneficial supplier relationships. Now you have the choice to outsource all or part of your network management while retaining ownership of the network yourself. We deliver those elements of the service that are critical to your business needs. This provides the flexibility to complement your existing skills and resources and cope with change.

Premier nurtures networks through every stage. It is what you'd expect from a world-class service provider in network management. We work with clients in all industry sectors and are always proactive and adaptable. We build on our clients' strengths and bring expert resources to contribute to their success. Whichever elements you choose, Premier will make a tangible difference to your business performance.


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