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Fact Sheet

Premier is in the problem solving business. Premier's philosophy is simple; the highest quality, most skilled staff and attention to details. Our reputation and success is founded on providing the highest possible levels of service and performance to discerning clients. With our high standards and level of investment you can relax safe in the knowledge that you have booked the best.

Premier is a client-oriented business enterprise. Our aim is to become the market leader with utmost client satisfaction as well as promptness and punctuality in completion of assignments. In order to maintain cost effectiveness, we ensure productivity by continuous monitoring, review of operations, costing and scheduling. We use state of the art system and methodologies to obtain sophistication as well as economy in manpower and computer time. We are dedicated to provide customized solutions to remain ahead at the cutting edge of technology. Premier selects the most innovative technology available to complement its portfolio of solutions with the highest standards of quality that are pivotal to every area of any business, forming an integral part of the service we offer and the solutions we provide.

We seek to build long-term relationships by providing an exceptional return for our customers' investment within our solution. We are committed to providing our customers with a professional, responsive service to ensure that our technical expertise is always available. We ensure that our awareness of the latest technology and solutions is always maintained. We believe that for sustainable success of any organization, it is important to establish and nurture relationships with associates. It is our objective to develop enduring relationships with our customers and employees. We intend to achieve this by following fair, transparent and ethical business policies. In a broader perspective, we strive to establish cordial relationships with all people who come in touch with us. We base our business culture on a foundation of loyalty, which is achieved by developing open relationships with clients and employees.

We believe in competing with ourselves. At any moment of time, we are focused on our current people and procedures and discovering (and inventing) ways to evolve and improve further. A question we ask ourselves every day is "How have we improved today??. We are very focused on our work and are very diligent about it. We believe that success lies in the details and no business matter is too small to deserve thought and correction. We believe that there should be an optimum balance of work and play in our lives. To this end we have developed HR policies which allow our people to have adequate opportunity for play even as they remain focused on work during their office hours.

Our mission is to address our Customers' technology needs and business problems with state-of-the-art global IT, Healthcare and BPO expertise. To consistently deliver Creative, customized, customer-oriented, cost-effective, value-driven solutions through the convergence of our employees, process and technology, in a timely manner. To propagate teamwork, productivity, and growth, exceeding the expectations of all of our Customers and Employees. To act with integrity and uphold high ethical standards in all our business practices, build lasting relationships based on trustworthiness and understanding. And most important of all to develop and retain an inspired workforce.

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